Diesel: Days to Live

Diesel: Days to Live was our first project with our partners Pulse Films. The brief from agency CP+B London was to create an innovative interactive experience across web and mobile for a new Diesel Watches campaign with the tagline ‘Live Bravely.

We started with a ‘phase zero’ collaboration, putting Pulse Director Anthony Dickenson together with Storythings’ Creative Technologists Dan Catt and James Bridle for a week of experimentation. At the end of this week we had some working prototypes showing that we could make a film that was truly interactive, scrubbing backwards and forwards as the user swiped across the screen. We then built a bespoke engine to make the final HTML5 interactive site work across many different contexts and browsers, and built a companion iPhone app that took your final result from the film experience and used it to create a unique daily alarm service.

At the core of the project was an online questionnaire that calculated your ‘days to live’, with a set of questions ranging from the serious to the bizarre. The interactive film used the same footage shot for the accompanying TV ad, directed by Anthony Dickenson in parallel so that the final footage would work both for traditional media and the interactive experience.

Storythings’ team took the footage from the ad and split them up into a series of individual frames that were then animated in different ways as the user moved around the screen. This required some very innovative coding solutions from Dan Catt, including developing a virtual ‘film strip’ to pre-load screens as users made their way through the story.

The final project was a truly integrated campaign, developed out of an initial workshop with film and technology artists working together, and then produced in parallel so that all elements – TV Ad, Interactive Film and iPhone app – felt equal parts of the same story.